Growing Social Media Applications or The Great Plague?

People who are unaware of the trending and mainstream issues are said to be living on Mars. But even the people, who are said to live on Mars, aren’t unaware of this ever-increasing web, the social media.
Everyone, from every generation, every caste, and every part of the world is aware and a user of social media, it won’t be wrong if spread of social media like instagram followers cheap is compared to the spread of the Black Death. Both were introduced to the world slowly but their speed in spreading was accelerated, as fast as a wild fire.
Social media applications have become a global obsession, and quite a lot of people would agree that it’s not an unjustified act.

Social media changed the world our elders knew, made it unrecognizable for them. The contact of the virtual and our world brought a new revolution. Things which were once unimaginable or fantasies, have taken the face of reality.

In 1999, the idea of social media applications started growing and after almost 18 years, it has captured a lot of ground due it user-friendly nature.

The idea of two people sitting in different corners of the world being connected was an absurd idea few decades ago, now it’s a norm.

The effort of searching the whole library for books on a certain topic converted in typing a few words and a click of mouse.

Drop boxes took over the job of USBs which were used as backups.

From waiting eagerly for the postman to arrive to waiting eagerly for the two ticks to turn blue, from the excitement of ringing of doorbell to the air flooding with the caller tune, the world changed.

Social media applications grew because of the massive increase in their use. From the time they were introduced till this year, users of such applications have increased in a great number.

This had to happen naturally. Social media provided ease and accessibility in every department of life.

The people who have to stay away from their families for their work, had to wait for vacations to see them, social media came a blessing for them, and they don’t miss the important events of their lives anymore.

Pupil going through the struggle of writing reports and daily essays would enter the library with a heavy heart, thinking of all the books they would have to skim through.

Educational applications stepped in to save their time and sweat by providing what they need, easily.

No one would argue with the fact that social media applications have made a lot of thing in life easy, quick and handy.

In the world of this running time, such changes were necessary. People could not sit in front of their desktops for one specific purpose and ignore the other tasks.

Social media comes in handy, it saves time for people and helps them multitask.
It has helped people overcome distance, which too is a common problem of century.
Everything has its pro and cons, it depends on the user that how they make the use of it. This web is still increasing and so are its uses.