Setting up any business requires team work, which work accordingly to put together the plan drawn on a piece of paper to reality. Just as how important it is to execute a drawn plan into something existent, it is equally important to form a marketing team for promoting that business.  Without giving awareness to public, without creating the much needed hype, sales and business can go down tremendously low. On this account, there are multiple platforms that are readily used to reach out common public. One of the most important one of them is social media. No doubt, social media has the combined power of newspapers, television, radio etc. It connects and conveys to billions of people in a matter of some seconds, giving immense access to any businessman or salesman to carry out marketing as easily as a piece of cake. That is why; social media is on top on the priority list of almost every business these days, acquiring opportunities and chances to their own benefit.

Twitter Followers increasing sales:

Having said that, it is now understandable to see major super markets like Costco, Wal-mart, Metro Inc, Target and many more have social media accounts in their names managed by their marketing team. They acknowledge the importance of followers and their main aim is to gain as much followers on social media as they could to reach bigger audience.

The importance of having more followers is that they help in increasing sales and customers of the super market. The number of followers on any page, let’s just say on the page of Wal-mart on Instagram is 849,000 (849K) people; they basically are real life customers following the page as virtual followers. Most of them, if not all, are interested in the products and sales of Wal-mart. The more is the number of followers, more the number of mouths to spread the word. People do talk about things they find worthy of mentioning, and as many people following a super market’s every step, every post about different products and deals, the more they’ll spread the word ahead. It becomes a chain, a super market speaks for itself, and followers spread the word forward like a fire in the forest, becoming an unofficial and indirect marketing team for the super market.  Secondly, the quantity of followers is also an indirect and an ambiguous form of a review of the super market. Because the sweeter the honeycomb, the greater the number of bees on it. Surprisingly, but many customers first look out the statistics of the followers on any page they are interested in before placing their orders.

However, it is always advisable for the starters to take full advantage of social media to boost up their sales by creating the extensive publicity. There are sources like tweetnfollow to buy twitter followers and also other websites for instagram followers. The easiest and most reasonable way to achieve the targeted goal and aim of making the business flourish in no time. That’s how social media has made things simpler than imagined.