How Social Media Benefits the Church?

Society has become a place where everything can be posted, discussed, recorded, and viewed. Anyone can get access to everything, only if a person is willing to give up their name, phone number, and email. Social media users believe companies should have access to social media. Most organizations provide social media, in which the public can gain information about the company’s business. This is an important tactic used by companies to gain a sense of friendship with the public, with hopes that the public will continuously share amongst their friends. This promotes business. In 2017 the public can view the Church as a business because the church uses similar strategies, including the use of social media. The number of attendance in the church has dropped drastically because of the churches unwillingness to keep up with the times. Members involved in the church still see social media as negative thing, and that it has no place in the church. This is a hindrance for the church. In this essay, I will inform the public about the benefits of using social media in a church setting.

Live Broadcasting/Recording

Every Sunday my church records the message spoken on Facebook Live. On my churches Facebook page, the congregation has access to what the pastor spoke at any given time. That’s the good thing about my church having access to social media. In case a member was missing on a Sunday for any reason, it gives them an opportunity to catch up or refresh. In some situations, it can become difficult to focus in church, so the significance of recording the messages is essential for those who became distracted during service. There are people who cannot make the service because of work conflicts. This gives every member the opportunity to tune in at any period of the day, depending on what benefits individuals. Pastors talk too much. We all have sat through a sermon that lasted 45 minutes to an hour and felt compelled to stay through the whole service. It can be difficult for a pastor to convey the message without throwing Jesus into it. Social media limits character speech disciplining users. If the message was difficult to understand, this gives the public a chance to respond and provide assistance to those who had difficulty interpreting the message.

Upcoming Events

Like most businesses, posting important events on a churches social media page is important for reminding members about services, events, donations, and new members. Traditionally the church has announcements read on Sunday or posted on a billboard somewhere in the building. My church uses these techniques to keep the congregation informed. People need to be constantly reminded of the things that are going on in the community. It is also a benefit for new members who want background about the church. On social media pages, it generally gives background about the organization and what it offers. On the page, the public has access to a calendar that post every event and the people who plan to attend the events. Most events are open to the public, but in some situations, my church will send personal invitations to meetings and I get the chance to accept or decline the invitation to a meeting. Once events have passed, our media counsel posts pictures of members at the events. These pictures provide memories that can be accessed at any time.


Money is important when it comes to establishing a good business. This idea is the same when dealing with a church. There must be a constant flow of money pouring into the church. In a church setting, we tithe a tenth of our earnings to the church. This is something most churches believe. We could sit around fasting and praying, but at the end of the day, lights and water still need to be turned on. Members can tithe on the social media page. This happens personally and is not visible to the public. Members do not have to wait until Sunday to tithe, but they can tithe on any day of the week 24/7. If there is an event that needs to be funded, a Go Fund me account is posted on Facebook to raise money to finance the event. Giving members access to pay tithes, offering, and donations on social media advances the church and keeps the church up to date.

Population Increase

Social media is an effective way to reach the community for individuals outside of the community. Chances are, a church will have more members online than the those who attend service. Having the church online gives the outside community access to the church. With this idea in mind, it is possible for a person to be a member of a church, without attending or visiting a church. Although leaders in the church do an excellent job of inviting people to attend, it is the members that increase the churches population. Making sure the church is constantly updated on social media keeps the church involved in the secular world. When members share their interest on social sites, such as their church, their friends are more likely to be attracted to the things their friends like.

If you ask millennials their views on church, most will say they go on holidays because their parents force them or they do not go at all because lack of interest. The secular world views the church as boring and old fashioned. The common stereotype is to believe that the church does not want to change its views and beliefs about the world. Social media is a tool that offers many congregations to engage in topics and sermons by posting, viewing, and tweeting conflicting views. The church teaches members to become active in spreading biblical encouragement to all people. Social media is a tool many members use by sharing insight about personal stories and posting biblical topics. It is important that churches are involved with social media trends because it ultimately uplifts the kingdom of God.