What is the big change that Google made in algorithms?

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In past when people needed to search something they would just write it on the google and press enter. But now the approach of searching has been changed by the Google. They say the approach has been changed some can also say that approach has been bit amended by the Google. The algorithm behind the search is very straight forward and direct. A person who wants to search something in the past gets different results on Google with thousands of pages showing relative results. Now the search type has been changed. The person who is searching will get the direct result. Before it was to select from many present now it will be few and direct related to the search. This process has been named by the Google as the hummingbird. Expert calls it as the direct approach rather than the goose chase. Since it is very direct search and the result provided by the Google. Those useless connecting to a useless dots of information on the Google will not appear in the search result. But this doesn’t matter that SEO won’t matter every old basic technique used for marketing will initially get important. Now everyone has to perfect their game on the highest level. To reach the maximum output one has to carefully search the google properly place the keyword. The keyword placement would be a key to success.

How will the result be provided by the Google?

The result now will be direct good answers for the users of the Google search engine. This is effective in many ways for the users who are using the Google search engine. What does one do when he wants to search he goes to the Google search engine. The person then types the search and looks into different links provided by the Google.

Now limited by to the point answers of the search would be provided by the Google. The Google does this with a great success of hummingbird. The Hummingbird algorithm breaks the query provided by the users into different entities. The entities are then matched accordingly to provide a potential answer.

Why is hummingbird difficult?

One can imagine a user wants to search for something that he once heard somewhere. As the search is very direct now users would get few answers that might not satisfy a requirement or get the user targeted result. The hummingbird has a very good response for the people who can enter the direct questions. Since it is going to track the down the answer instantly. Searchers on the Google engine are not familiar with the word keyword.

They type what they have in mind to get a proper answer. But the hummingbird provides the answer for simplified question. The old algorithm may not have been very direct, but it used to provide answers to the users that would be related to their search. The marketing experts also need to provide their A game on this. They need to carefully place the keyword in the article with proper white hat SEO.

Getting Yourself save from Humming Bird

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