Why Twitter followers are better than Facebook followers


Facebook is a corporation and online social network service. Twitter is also online social networking service and enables its users to send and read it texts messages up to 140 characters known as tweets.

Twitter followers are more engaged means 1.8 times mare than the Facebook followers. This means that your post when to publish engage roughly 34 people on Facebook and double the number of people on Twitter. Twitter followers are more engaged with your post, like, comment, share, and retweet every content. In one survey people were asked about where they want to go whether on Facebook or Twitter when they like a brand or product. It was noticed that more people rated Twitter than Facebook.

Post frequency is also a very important thing. There is a big difference between Facebook and Twitter post frequency. Companies tweet 14 times in a day on average, and expected post for Facebook per day is 2 or 3. If you are tweeting 14 times in a day, you can engage many people. While posting on Facebook only for 3 times means you engage less than 42 people.

So Twitter gives you more buck of engagement per post because you can engage many followers. Twitter feeds moves more quickly, and updates are more bunched. This means that update comes quickly in fresh feeds of members, they can easily know about you and like, comment or re-tweet it.

Twitter follow model:

Twitter model allow one way following that add depth and simple distribution to your friend list. With one-way follow, you have people who follow you, but you don’t follow back. People you follow them, but they don’t follow you. You both follow, or neither of you follows each other.

These relationships on Facebook are combined with protected updates.

Friends with public profiles:

Here are two relations, you are friends, and you are not friends. In this case, you are exposed to different people. They can be anyone an artist, actor or musician you can follow them. And have an eye on everything they are tweeting. If a businessman started to tweet about the product or services they are providing, followers could follow them if, not following them can still see their tweets and have an eye on everything.


The importance of Twitter followers for business as compare to Facebook followers:

Creating a brand image: as more and more people follow on Twitter your business become famous. This helps you in brand recognization and building a positive image of your brand. Whereas while on Facebook, you have to create a page and then it’s your luck whether people like and take interest to follow you are not. And mostly less post on Facebook about the business people ignore it.

Promotions: being engaged with many people mean more promotion of it, chances of those people talk about your business with their friends and family. On Facebook, there is less chance of your business to promote than Twitter. Mainly people don’t like to share pages on their homepage that can be a reason.